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My Story


I wanted to share with you my own story - I will talk about it to absolutely anyone who will listen!

For a few years leading up to the summer of 2021, I genuinely felt like I was wading through treacle every single day, forcing myself from one activity to the next just wishing that it was time to go back to bed.  It wasn't for lack of sleep, more often than not I would sleep for at least 8/9 hours at night and again in the afternoons for usually about 3/4 hours!  I was on medication for acid reflux, I was on anti-depressants, prescribed for menopausal mood swings and brain fog and I would regularly take pain killers just to numb the daily aches and pains and I felt, well, basically unwell most days.  From an appearance point of view I don't think I looked all that great either, my skin was spotty, my nails flaky and I had bags under my eyes.

Any activity be that working in the garden, doing house-work or walking the dog left my legs and hips very painful and stiff to the point where it would take me a minute when getting up out of a chair or bed to get going.

As far as the medication was concerned I had tried to come off of Omeprazole and even doing it gradually resulted in my symptoms coming back.  I talked to my GP and he explained that my body was now reliant on them and I would be on them for the rest of my life!

Not to mention regular headaches, stomach aches and sore throats!  That's a pretty dismal picture isn't it?  The worse bit was that I just accepted all of this as part of aging and I honestly thought that this was to be it for the rest of my life, in fact, I was sure it would just get worse - or so I thought...

I was introduced to the Pure 21 programme and to be honest I was a bit cynical, I was sure that even if I would feel better, it wouldn't be very dramatic and I thought "well, I can't feel any worse!"  I expected to feel a little bit better and maybe lose a few pounds, but my results were amazing!

First and foremost, I have not taken any medication for acid reflux since July 2020 and nor am I on anti-depressants, for me this was the biggest wine but there's more.  Coming in a close second was my sleep - what a revelation sleeping properly through the night and not having to waste every afternoon asleep on the couch has been!  Not only because I actually feel properly awake now, but I've re-gained about 20 hours a week!

I've seen a noticeable difference in the way I move about, my joints and muscles don't seize up like they used to, so I'm more active too.  Lots of my menopausal symptoms have diminished or disappeared altogether, my hot flushes are few and far between, my mood is more stable and, my clarity of thought has returned.  I can cope better with foods that I am intolerant to and I can't remember the last time I had a headache!

Everyone says how well I look these days, my skin is a lot clearer and even the hairs on my chin appear less frequently and I did lose a few pounds and they are staying off and weight is easier to manage now that everything else is in balance.  People regularly comment on the changes in my and I now know that it is possible to THRIVE not just survive and I want to help as many other women feel just as great as I can.

As far


"Eating ‘real’ food every day was important to me rather than meal replacement products and this programme is all about eating healthy, nutritious meals every day. I have experienced a significant increase in energy levels. I wake up earlier naturally and feel much more alert and ready to start the day."

D, Enfield