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Pure 21 is a 21 day optimum health challenge that will re-align and re-energise the body by resetting the microbiome.  This will promote effective weight loss, improved hormone balance, better sleep and greater energy.  It will reduce blood pressure and balance blood sugars, help to lower cholesterol and reduce the symptoms of auto-immune conditions.  It is completed online, and the focus is to understand how to eat for effective long term better health.  It's not complicated nor does it involve meal replacements or fads.  It is a simple clean eating programme that anyone can follow no matter how busy, backed up by the clinically proven Purify programme from Synergy Worldwide.  

​By the end of the 21 days you will understand how to eat for effective long term health - whether that is better weight management, eradicating acid reflux and IBS, balancing hormones and minimising menopausal symptoms, or reducing the dependence on long term medication such as thyroxin, antidepressants or antibiotics.


Bath Salts & Accessories

Mini Detox

How about a mini-detox?  Not as intensive as Pure 21 but it will help to

  • Reduce Bloating

  • Increase Daily Energy

  • Shift Stubborn Weight

  • Improve Sleep

  • And leave you feeling fabulous!

It's a 21 day programme supported by supplements to support your body through the detox process and prepare you for longer term health.  A mini detox will help to reduce cravings, aid digestion and increase immunity, As well as re-building the cells in your body, it will help you on the way to your longer term health goals.

The detox is easy to follow with simple guidelines to ensure your success and to help you better understand which areas of your health you need to focus on.


Wellness Coach

Personal Wellness


Take my Lifestyle Analysis - in a 30 minute consultation (can be done virtually) you will understand what areas of your health need the most support and what areas to work on.


If you are interested in discussing any of the above wellness services, please get in touch for a consultation.